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A force of 36.06 N, at 33.69 degrees up from East.

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Q: What is the resultant force of comen center one to east 30 n and one up 20 n?
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What equilibrant force would balance forces of 12 lb east and 5 lb north acting at the same point?

the answer is 13lb south of west since the resultant is 13lb north of east. in getting the equilibrant force, just copy the resultant and reverse the direction. then that's it. .

What is are resultant forces?

Resultant forces are the single force that has the same effect as all the individual forces acting on an object combined. When multiple forces act on an object, the resultant force represents the total effect of those forces in terms of their magnitude and direction. Mathematically, the resultant force is found by vector addition of all the individual forces.

How do you find the magnitude and bearing of resultant if force of 11 lbs. east and a force of 17 lbs. west act on a point?

Take east to be the positive direction, +11 lb. Take west to be the negative direction, -17 lb. Resultant (net force) = +11 lb + (-17 lb) = -6 lb, or 6 lb west.

What is the resultant of an upward force of 400lbs and a right horizontal force of 130lb?

The resultant of the upward force of 400 lbs and the right horizontal force of 130 lbs is a diagonal force with its magnitude determined by using the Pythagorean theorem (√(400^2 + 130^2) ≈ 423 lbs). This diagonal force represents the combined effect of the two individual forces acting together.

What is the equilibrium of a 3.5 N force due south and a 3.0 N force due east?

resultant magnitude of force is sq. root ( (3 ^2) + (3.5 ^2)) = 4.6098 N direction is inv tan (3 / 3.5) = 40.601 degrees anticlock from north

How do you find north south east west?

find the resultant of the following displacement a=20km 30south of east

What is the example of head to tail rule?

The head-to-tail rule is a method used to find the resultant of two vectors by placing the tail of one vector against the head of the other. For example, if a 5N force is applied east and a 3N force is applied north, using the head-to-tail rule, the resultant force can be found by connecting the tail of the first vector to the head of the second vector to form a triangle.

What is the resultant vector of 220 m east 340 m east 400 m west?

220 + 340 - 400 = 160 m East.

An airplane flying from Los Angeles to New York is traveling at a velocity of 1200 kmh east there is a tail wind with a velocity of 60 kmh east what is the resultant velocity of the airplane in Kph?

The resultant velocity is calculated by adding the velocity of the airplane to the velocity of the tailwind, as they are in the same direction. Therefore, the resultant velocity of the airplane is 1260 km/h east (1200 km/h + 60 km/h).

What is the resultant displacement if a person walks 46 meters east then 23 km south?

46 squared + 23 squared = the resultant displacement squared. Pythagoras' theorem.

What is the resultant displacement if a man travels a distance of 1.5m towards East then 2.0m towards South and finally 4.5m towards east?

6.3 meter

When was River East Center created?

River East Center was created in 2001.