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Q: When did Blaise Pascal invent the first gear?
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Who invented the first gear?

Blaise Pascal Blaise Pascal

Who invented the first spur gear?

everyone one shold know that while being the terminator Arnold swartzinator(aka the govinator) invent the spur gear while acting.

Where did Richard spikes invent the automatic gear shift?


What does p0731 mean on a Chrysler 300?

Incorrect gear ratio in first gear.Incorrect gear ratio in first gear.

What causes first gear to bog down?

bog down in first gear and then it strtes to shift

Fiat barchetta juddering in first gear?

can anyone advise me my fiat barchetta is judering in first gear

What will vehicle speed without accelerator in first gear?

Well, an exact number will depends on your RPMs at idle, the gear ratio of that first gear, the gear ratio of your rear end gear, and tire size. Generally, five MPH or less.

What is L gear in Toyota?

it stands for low. think of it as first gear.

When did the Wright Brothers invent the bicycle?

In 1889 the Wright brothers and hillary james invented a bicycle with no gear known as (black mamba) in Africa, where the geared ones were produced by charley steinbeck in at Brazil in San Salvador in 1910

When was the Top Gear cool wall first introduced?

When the New Top Gear first started in Oct 2002

When to use first gear?

well. whenever you have a low idle, you use first gear to accelerate. if u have a higher idle or throttlebody, you can just start in second gear.

What is meant by the term mechanical era as used in computers?

All computation done by by machines and gears Blaise Pascal (1642) Designed first gear based calculator system Joseph Jacquard (1801) Automated loom that used wood punch cards Charles Babbage (1833) For fun he would try to spot errors in mathematical tables Designed analytical, difference engines (machines) Included input and output devices, processor and storage Could NOT be built because of level of precision needed His ideas laid foundations for today's computers (Input - Process - Output) Electricity availability becoming widespread Ada Byron Lovelace First computer programmer