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Q: Where can you take kumon math level I test online?
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What math do you take to get a doctorate in math?

What math at what level? Do you mean the final math courses to get your doctorate or from high school on?

What do you do when your mom makes you do your homework?

Kumon, believe it or not, is very effective. It takes time to realize your progress (roughly about a year), or if you quit then you realize how much you need it. I started Kumon in 2nd grade, and oh how I dreaded it. Get ready for crying, tantrums, and lying, but in the end it can get you into a good college, thus getting you the job you want. The Kumon Method forces you to memorize strategy (something a normal Public School doesn't believe in.) and that makes you do your answers quickly, so after a while it will become a piece of cake (It'll take you 10-15 minutes at the most.) Although, if you dread it, and think too much on how much you hate it, then it becomes harder, and takes more thought and time then it needs to.But, you can make Kumon fun! If you have any friends or family that go to Kumon, try to go on the same day, and maybe compete and see who can finish the fastest and have the most correct answers. This perseveres you to follow the method and get your answers correct, while also letting you have a little fun and friendly competition. You can also make arrangements with your mom to take you out to get a treat after a Kumon session, or take you to the movies, the mall, etc. Something I do is I set up a reward system, so if I finish one of my Kumons in X amount of time, I get to watch my favorite T.V show, or go over to a friends house. This will make me want to get it done.When you are ready to quit Kumon:You know you are ready to quit Kumon when the following is fit for your situation:1. You finish your Kumon in 5 minutes or less.2. You excel at Math and/or Reading and class becomes easy.3. You get most to all of your answers right in class and Kumon.4. You are not bothered as much by Kumon as you were when you started.5. You are on a level of D or higher.If that applies to you, you are ready to quit Kumon for a while. Sit down with your parents and explain to them why you are ready to quit, and why it might be a waste for you. Perhaps prove responsibility, or promise to take up an educational activity like Mathletes or Science Olympiad. This will show them you are eager to learn new strategies, or still do an educational activity. Another idea is to promise them you wont get a B on your report card, and if you do , back to Kumon. If you promise them something like that, then it shows you are confident with your abilities.The first year or so without Kumon, Math is not as easy as it was, because you are missing Kumon. Kumon is like Training wheels to math, once you take them off, it can often result in uneasy and unbalanced grades and topics.Finally, after a year or so you become comfortable with your abilities, and can do the same in Math as you used to. I also recommend you don't quit 2 years before the SAT, because you might not be comfortable with your abilites, and not do as well as you can.In Short: Kumon is effective. You need goals to get Kumon done. Kumon can be fun. And you will eventually quit.

Where can you take IB courses online I live in Canada. I would be taking full IB except i dropped math because it was hard. I want to replace math . I want to still get the Ib diploma. c my question?

Are you sure you can drop math? I think you would be getting a non IB diploma. You can take higher level or standard level, but if you don't take the IB course my understanding is you wouldn't get the diploma. I am not aware of IB online. You might try going to the official IB site.

How long does it take to get 20 kumon cosmic points?

5 years

What does math have to do with a biologist?

To be a biologist you must take Calculus for your biological Science in college as your major level math course to graduate.

Can you pay someone to take an online math class for you?

Yes, but that would be unethical.

What majors would you need to be a math teacher?

To teach at the secondary level or higher you really need a math major although you can be certified in most states with a minor in math and can likely get a job since math teachers are relatively scarce. You need to take the education courses needed for certification if you want to teach in a public school. You can teach math at the elementary level after one or two courses in math for elementary education. At any level, you will find it advantageous to take as many math courses as you can.

Can I take a gre math practice test online?

At Virtual Math Lab GRE Math, you can take a practice GRE Math test. The design of the practice test is different from that of the real test, but it will help to prepare you for the real test.

How long does it take to get 300 points in the Kumon cosmic club?

About 2 to 3 years.

Where can you get free printable seventh grade math worksheets?

Now a days you get online math help and thus gain a learning from the cosy comfort of home itself. You get Free Math Help too. There are math worksheets where you can work out problems with an online math solver. You also get 7th grade math worksheets and if you wish, you can also take out the printed version of math worksheets.

How long does it take for Kumon to add cosmic club points to your id?

it is updated every month

Can I take an account course online?

Yes, you can take an account course online; there are plenty of topics under accounting to choose from. You don't have to know any accounting basics or be a math genius; everything will be taught online.