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1 mile is bigger cause it = 1760 yards.

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Q: Which is longer a 1-mile racetrack 1000-meter racetrack or 400-yard racetrack?
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Is one kilometre longer then one mile?

no. In fact 1mile=1.6km.

What is longer 1mile or 1 kilometer?

its the meter. that cannt be right a mile is longer, a kilometer is only 5/8ths of a mile

What does 1mile convert to?

1mile converts to 5,280 feet or 1,609.3 meters.

Is a square mile 1 mile x 1 mile x 1 mile x 1 mile?

No it 1mile times 1mile times 1mile

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What is longer 1mile one fourth or 1 mile three sixteenths?

1/4 of a mile is equalivalent to four sixteenths of a mile so 1 1/4 mile is longer than 1 3/16 mile.

How much is 1mile in feet?

1mi = 5280ft

How many meters are in 1mile?

Close to 1600m

How many yards make 1mile?


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