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-77 just as 77 is further from 0 on the positive side

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Q: Which number is further from zero negative 21 or negative 77?
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Is negative 21 greater than Negative 19?

Yes it is. It is further from zero.

What is negative 21 divided by 0?

Undefined: You cannot divide by zero

Which is greater negative 21 or negative 22?

-21 is greater. With respect to zero, -22 is greater.

Which is the smallest -17 21 -47 or -6?

Here's how to figure these out. First, which is the biggest number (ignore the sign for now). Got it? Okay, now if it has a negative sign in front, that's your smallest number. In the list above, the biggest number does indeed have a negative sign, so it's your smallest. If it doesn't, then it's your biggest number. A negative sign turns your biggest into your smallest. The smallest number is either the positive number that is closest to zero in a list, or if the list has negative numbers, then it is the biggest negative number (that would make it the farthest away from zero).

What is negative 21 divided by negative 7?


What is Negative eight times the sum of a number and 21 is 96?

-8 × (number + 21) = 96 → number + 21 = 96 ÷ -8 → number = 96 ÷ -8 - 21 = -12 - 21 = -33

Is negative 21 a whole or natural?

It is a negative whole number which is the same as an integer

Is the product of twenty-one negative integers is negative?

Yes. The product of an odd number (21, in this case) of negative factors will be negative; if the number of negative factors is even, the product will be positive.

When does the sun have adeclination of zero degrees today but will have a negative declination tomorrow?

The Sun has zero declination at the two equinoxes on March 21 and September 21 (approximately). At the autumn equinox in September it crosses the plane of the Earth's orbit from north to south, so its declination goes from positive to negative.

What whole number is equal to 21 out of 200?

There is no whole number that has that value. The nearest whole number is zero.

What are the square root of 21?

The square roots of 21 are 4.5826 (rounded) and the negative of the same number.

What is the absolute value of 21?

The absolute value of 21 is 21.