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Because you were "running" at about 0.088 mph or 0.142 km/h. (In other words your weren't running at all. You were very slowly walking.)

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Q: Why did it take you exactly 42 minutes and 23 seconds to run 100 meters?
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How long will 5000 meters take me to walk if I can walk 7100 meters in 56 minutes?

31.4366 Minutes or approximately 31 minutes 26 seconds

How long will it take to walk 900 meters roughly?

Walking at a meter per second would take 900 seconds (15 minutes); at a faster walk, 1.5 meters per second, about 600 seconds ( 10 minutes).

3 minutes to run 400 meters how long will it take to run a mile?

6 minutes and 8 seconds

How long does it take to walk 400 meters at 5 mph?

2 minutes 59 seconds.

If you run 7 meter per sec how long will it take to run 1500 meters?

1500/7 seconds = 214.29 seconds = 3 minutes 34.29 seconds

How long does it take to go 500 meters at 14 km per hour?

It takes 2.14 minutes (2 minutes 8.4 seconds).

How long would it take to walk 1.6 miles?

1 mile = 1609 meters, thus 1609 meters divided by 1.6 meters per second = 1005.625 seconds = 16.76 minutes. Final answer = 16.76 minutes.

How long will it take a person to climb the stairs of a tower that is 443 meters tall and the person climbs 0.60 meters per second?

443/0.6 = 7381/3 seconds = 12 minutes 181/3 seconds

How many minutes does it take from start to finish of the song beautiful by one direction?

One Direction's 'WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL" is exactly 3 minutes 18 seconds long.

What is eight minutes nineteen seconds take away four minutes forty six seconds?

4.22 minutes or 4 minutes 13.2 seconds.

If you ran 7 mph how long would it take to run a mile?

if you ran exactly 7 mph you would get to a mile at 8.571429 minutes, or 8 minutes, 34.285714 seconds.

How long does it take to go 10k at 1.5 meters per second?

10000/1.5 seconds which is 6666 2/3 seconds or 111 minutes 6 2/3 sec