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Trigonometry is not important ever

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Q: Why is trigonometry important in accounting?
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Why does spherical trigonometry important?

The earth, which we live on, is approximately a sphere. It is important, therefore, to know spherical trigonometry.

What is the important of stastistics to accounting?

What is the Important of statistics to Accounting?

3 important activities in accounting process?

real accounting, nominal accounting,personal accounting

Why is trigonometry important for chemistry?

Some chemical reactions depend on the shape of molecules and the study of the shape of molecules - requires knowledge of trigonometry.

What is the importance of trigonometry in your daily life?

Trigonometry is important in daily life for many reasons. People use patterns and symmetry in relating to objects around them. For example. trigonometry is used in decorating a home.

What is prograding in astronomy?

maths is important in astronomy algibra and trigonometry

Who are the important people in trigonometry?

The students and teacher of my trig. class

What is accounting theory and why is it important for accounting student to accounting theory?

Accounting theory is the collection of methodologies used in the study and application of the different financial principles. It is important for an accounting student to know it because it is the basis for all future accounting studies.

Why is the study of accounting important?

it is important because accounting allow us to monitor the profit of the business

What is the important of public sector accounting?

Explain why it's important to study public sector accounting.

What is important in accounting?


When would one use the slide rule?

A slide rule is used for multiplication and division and it can also be used for trigonometry. It can also be used in money fields such as accounting.