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Q: Can you use 8 awg wire for a tankless water heater?
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What size wire and breaker do you need for a 5000 watt garage heater?

Look on the heater and see what amps it is pulling. That will determine the wire size and breaker size. It must be on a dedicated circuit. 15 amps = AWG # 14 wire with 15 amp breaker 20 amps = AWG # 12 wire with 20 amp breaker 30 amps = AWG # 10 wire with 30 amp breaker 40 amps = AWG # 8 wire with 40 amp breaker

What size of wire you need for a 42 amps heater?

For a 42 amp heater, you would typically need to use a wire size of at least 8 AWG (American Wire Gauge) to ensure the wire can safely handle the current without overheating. It is recommended to consult the National Electrical Code (NEC) or a qualified electrician for specific guidance on wire sizing for your application.

What is the maximum amperes that may be applied to an electric heater circuit?

Actually, the amperage rating of the circuit is determined by the size of the wiring.The maximum current capacity of common wire sizes are:#14 AWG: 15 Amps#12 AWG: 20 Amps#10 AWG: 30 AmpsCheck the amp rating of the water heater, and make sure that the wiring that supplies it is the corresponding size. NEVERconnect wire to a breaker set for a higher current than the wire is rated for (for example, do not connect #14 wire to a 20 Amp breaker). Allowing more current in a wire is asking for a fire.The HVAC Veteran

Which is larger in diameter12 AWG or 15 AWG wire?

12 AWG wire is larger in diameter than 15 AWG wire. Wire gauge sizes decrease as the number increases, so a lower gauge number represents a larger wire diameter.

Which wire is smallest in AWG?

The larger the AWG number the smaller the wire. 10 AWG wire can carry more current than 12 AWG wire.The wire sizes of 24 and 26 are the smallest that are used in the electrical.See related links below

What does AWG mean?

American Wire Guage. The smaller the number the larger the wire. As in an AWG 14/2 wire is much smaller than an AWG 10/2 wire.

Which awg wire gauge indicates the smallest wire diameter?

The AWG wire gauge with the highest number indicates the smallest wire diameter. For example, AWG 40 wire is much thinner than AWG 10 wire.

How does increasing the wire gauge from awg 22 to awg 26 generally effect resistance?

Increasing the wire gauge from AWG 22 to AWG 26 will increase the wire's resistance because a higher gauge corresponds to a thinner wire. Thinner wires have higher resistance due to increased electrical resistance per unit length. Therefore, a wire with AWG 26 will have higher resistance compared to a wire with AWG 22.

What wire size is needed for 60 gallon hot water tank?

10 awg

What do the letters AWG means?

American Wire Gauge ( AWG )

What is the AWG of 7 strands of AWG 33 wire?

Use a wire table to find the cross-section area of #33 wire, multiply by 7, then find the AWG for that cross-section.

What is the difference between awg and swg?

AWG= American wire guage SWG = standard wire guage