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You listed no gauge wire. This is the required breakers.

  • 14 gauge - 15 amp
  • 12 gauge - 20 amp
  • 10 gauge - 30 amp
  • 8 gauge - 40 amp
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Q: What is the maximum breaker size for these gauges wire?
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What size breaker should be used for a TNIA-10 wire?

The breaker size for a TNIA-10 wire depends on the maximum current carrying capacity of the wire, which is typically indicated on the wire's packaging or in its specifications sheet. You should select a breaker that is rated slightly higher than the wire's maximum current capacity to ensure safety and avoid overloading the wire. It is recommended to consult with a qualified electrician for specific guidance on breaker sizing for your installation.

What size main breaker do you need to run 10 gauge wire?

The size of the main breaker depends on the maximum current rating of the 10 gauge wire and the load it will be powering. Typically, a 10 gauge wire is rated for a maximum current of 30 amps. Therefore, a 30 amp main breaker would be suitable for running 10 gauge wire. However, it is important to consult local electrical codes and consider the specific load requirements before making a final determination.

What is the cable size for 7.5kw slit system air conditioner?

The wire is sized to the maximum overcurrent protection device (Max circuit breaker) ampacity. This is listed on the nameplate of the outdoor condensing unit. Size the wire to match the breaker.

How do you know if the AC breaker matches the AC unit starting demand load?

Read the literature for the ac condensing unit, or the tag on the outside of the unit. Minimum circuit ampacity= minimum breaker, wire and fuse size. Maximum circuit ampacity= the maximum size. Your circuit breaker, wire size and disconnect fuses should all be at or between those 2 numbers.

When installing a circuit breaker do you size the breaker to correct wire size or the device its controlling?

When installing a circuit breaker, you size the breaker based on the wire size. The breaker should be matched to the ampacity of the wire to ensure proper protection against overloads and short circuits. The device being controlled by the breaker is not a determining factor in sizing the breaker.

What size breaker does it take to run a outdoor well?

Normally AWG #10 wire on a 30 amp breaker but it really depends on the size of the pump. The pump manufacture will specify the size wire and size breaker needed.

Are there negative wire gauges?

Yes, there are ground wire gauges. The approiate size ground wire must be matched to the size service you are installing. For instance a 200 amp serivce must be grounded with a # 4 bare copper ground wire.

Your home has a fuse box at 15 amp is blowing can it be replaced with a 20 amp?

The only safe way to change your (fuse/breaker) would be to check your wire size and your load size. Fourteen guage wire is rated for a maximum capacity of 15 amps, if your wire size if 12 guage copper then the answer to your question is yes you can change your (fuse/breaker) to a 20amp. You should also call a qualified electrician to install your (fuse/breaker)

What size wire do you need to wire a 200 am breaker box?


Can you use 40 amp breaker for your lights and plug ins?

If you are referring to house wiring then the answer is no. A breaker protects the wire size that is connected to the breaker. In home wiring most homes are wired with a #14 wire which is rated at 15 amps. That is why the wire is protected by a 15 amp breaker. The correct wire size to connect to a 40 amp breaker is a #8. This size wire is too large to connect to receptacles an light fixture terminals.

How big of breaker do you use for 115 volt?

Depends on the wire size used in the circuit. If you use AWG # 14 wire you must use a 15 amp breaker. If it is wired with AWG # 12 wire then you use a 20 amp breaker. If a AWG # 10 wire is used then a 30 amp breaker is required. The breaker protects the wiring from overheating so you must use the proper size breaker for the wire used.

What size breaker should you use for a tnia-10 wire?

25 amp breaker