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A pointer is an object that contains the address of another object, hence the term pointer, meaning that one object points to another.

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2010-08-14 13:30:16
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Q: What is mean by pointer in c plus plus?
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What does multiplying a pointer by 5 in C plus plus mean How does it change the pointer's value?

Multiplication is yet another thing, what you should never do with pointers.

What is Dazzling Pointer in c plus plus?

The pointer that points to a block of memory that does not exist is called a dazzling pointer or wild pointer

What is meant by generic pointer in c plus plus?

generic pointer is a pointer that can not be dereferenced i.e one type pointer can not be assigned to another type.

What is 'this' pointer in c plus plus?

Address of the current object.

Function pointer in c plus plus?

Yes, C++ supports function pointers.

What is null object in c plus plus?

a pointer that is not pointing to anything

What is an address in C plus plus programming?

An address in C or C++ is the location in memory of an object or function. An address is the contents of a pointer, as opposed to the contents of the memory location pointed to by the pointer.

Which function is used to determine the position of the put pointer in a file in c plus plus?

The function ftell returns the position of the file pointer for a file.

What is pointer in C plus plus?

A pointer is a variable that holds an address in memory. int * pPointer = new int; This code creates a pointer to an integer, and assigns it an address of an integer object on the heap.

What is this operator in C plus plus?

The this operator in C++ is a compiler generated pointer to the instance of an object, accessible from within a method of that object.

What is called pointers-c plus plus?

A pointer in C++ is the same as a pointer in C -- it is a variable that is used to store a memory address and which allows indirect access to that memory address. When a pointer is not in use, it must be zeroed or nullified by assigning the NULL value, thus preventing indirect access to invalid memory.

What is double pointer in c plus plus?

A double pointer is a pointer which points to another pointer which points to an object.For example:Foobar** foobar = NULL;This means that somewhere in memory, the class foobar has been created. The variable 'foobar' now points to a pointer to that memory. However, in this example, the pointer is created as 0.

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