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Your hair

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Q: Where is the one place you can not get cancer?
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Where do people get lung cancer?

All over the world. It is not restricted to one place.

Where did you get cancer?

You don't get cancer from a particular place.

Can belly button piercings give you cancer?

That is one place I've never heard (or thought of) getting cancer, technically it is just skin, so you could get skin cancer there, just like any other place on your body. But the likelihood of getting cancer on that one small spot is very small.

Where can one find information regarding femera and breast cancer?

The best place to find information on femera and breast cancer would be on the official cancer site. Or check out the official breast cancer specific site which should have information on links to cancer.

How many cancer cells do you need to get cancer?

you actually just get cancer if you have to many cells in a particular place and its when you have double the amount your supposed to have you get cancer

Can cancer change from one state to another?

Yes cancer can change from one state to another and guess what every one has cancer cells in them but doctors only say you have cancer if the cell is active!

How does lung cancer affect ages?

Lung Cancer can affect any age any time any place

What are some places that one can hang a breast cancer ornament?

Breast cancer ornaments naturally can be hung on Christmas Trees. They can also be hung in curio cabinets, or from mirrors in automobiles. Another good place is from a light fixture.

What is the purpose of The Gathering Place?

There is quite an array of different "The Gathering Place('s)", to be found. One "The Gather Place" for instance, focuses on giving support and aid to families afflicted by cancer, another, is an all-inclusive rental venue.

Why is it difficult in establishing the etiology of cancer?

Viruses can infect a cell (s) without causing cancer, sometimes cancer can occur long after an infection takes place. Cancer is not contagious, so difficult to track.

What kind of reproduction takes place in cancer cells?


Do vines cure cancer?

No. If that was true no one would have cancer.