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On your browser type in " Peace Dollar " and click on images, this is the easy thing to do.

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Q: What does a peace dollar look like?
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What does a 1935 peace silver dollar look like?

It looks the same as any other Peace dollar.

What does the 1922 peace dollar look like?

See the link below for a picture.

What does a 1923 peace dollar look like?

Please see the link below for a picture.

What does a 1922 Peace dollar look like?

All Peace dollars have the same design. Check the link below for some great pictures.

What does a 1928 coin dollar look like?

1928 would make it a Peace dollar. Pictures can be easily found through a search on Google Images.

What is the value of a 1942 silver peace dollar?

The last Peace dollar was issued in 1935 so it can't be a 1942 Peace dollar. Look at the coin again and post new question.

What does a 1964 us silver dollar look like?

No 1964 US Peace dollars exist, All were melted

What does the back of a 1927 silver dollar look like?

The best thing to do is type in Peace dollars on your browser and click on images.

What does the Betsy Ross silver dollar look like?

If one existed it would likely be of the Peace dollar design but the US did NOT make any one dollar coins dated 1966.

How do you identify 1921 peace dollar?

The simple answer is, look on the back of the coin. The rock the eagle is on has the word PEACE on it.

How valuable is a 1909 peace dollar?

The first Peace dollar was struck in 1921 and no U.S. dollar coins of any kind are dated 1909, none were made. Look at the coin again and post new question.

How much is your 1932 silver peace dollar worth?

Look at the date again. No US Peace dollars were struck in 1932.