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Q: What percent of people marry?
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What percent of deaf people who marry are married to other deaf people?


What percent of people marry their 7th grade crush?


Approximately what percent of deaf people who marry are married to other deaf people?

Approximately 40-45% of deaf people who marry are married to other deaf people. This statistic may vary depending on the region and cultural factors.

What percent of NBA players marry their high school sweethearts or best friends?

56 percent

How many gay people marry straight people?

Gay People typically do not marry Straight People.

Why do some gay people not want to marry?

Many gay people fight for their right to marry. Those whom do not wish to marry, simply are not seeking marriage, as there are straight people who do not wish to marry.

What percent of same-sex marriages are between males and what percent between females?

It seems to be nearly equal, although female couples are more likely to marry young and to divorce and marry multiple times.

How do you marry U.S federal prisoner?

You don't marry a prisoner, you find a guy who hasn't committed a crime, and marry him...seriously, if you think prisons change people for the better, you are living in a fantasy world. Whereas I am sure a small percent of people actually change when they go to prison, most come out the same, or even worse. Do yourself a favor, and find a find a good guy who is not in prison.

Do people marry family members in Samoa?

People don't marry relatives in Samoa.

Would Afghanistan people marry Bengali people?

bengalis dont wanna marry afghans

Do gypsy people marry there family members?

No because Gypsy's can marry who they want to just like people.

What percent of teen couples marry because of teen pregnancy?

88% Actually about 92%.