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Disneyland itself is about 85 acres. Since a square mile is 640 acres, Disneyland is a little over an eighth of a square mile, some of which is "backstage" area not open to the general public.

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To date, Walt Disney World in Florida comprises an area of about 1.3 billion square feet. (1,310,284,800)

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The public areas of Disneyland cover about 85 acres.

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Approx. 3,702,600 or 85 acres

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Q: How many acres is Disneyland?
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How many acres is Disneyland Paris?

The resort covers 4,800 acres.

How many acres in Disneyland?


How many acres is covered by Disneyland Florida?

Disney Land Florida in the United States of America covers over 25,000 acres. It used to be over 30,000 acres but has been reduced to over 25,000 acres.

How many sq miles is Disneyland ca 555 acres?

640 acres = 1 square mile555 acres = 0.8672 square mile (rounded)

How big is Disneyland Tokyo compared to Disneyland Florida?

Disneyland Tokyo is about 114 acres and Magic Kingdom in Florida is 106.3 acres.that's a difference of 7.7 acres!

Is Legoland bigger than Disneyland?

No, Disneyland is slightly larger than Legoland California, 160 acres to 128 acres.

Is Tokyo Disneyland or Walt Disney World bigger?

Disneyland Paris Park is larger, occupying 140 acres to Tokyo Disneyland's 126 acres. Disneyland Paris Resort is 4800 acres compared to Tokyo Disney Resort's 494 acres. Although Disneyland Tokyo is soon celebrating their 30th anniversary, while Paris is celebrating it's 20th.

How large is Hong Kong's Disneyland?

Hong Kong Disneyland is 310 acres or 1.3 km2 in size and is the smallest of the Disneyland Theme Parks.

How big is the area occupied by Disneyland in Anaheim CA?

The public areas of Disneyland occupy approximately 85 acres.

How big is Disneyland in california?

Disneyland ParkDisneyland occupies 85 acres.Disneyland ResortThe Disneyland Resort sprawls over 510 acres, 461 acres owned by the company and 49 leased from the city of Anaheim. This includes Disneyland, as well as Disney's California Adventure, Downtown Disney, three hotels and parking areas.

How big is Disneyland Paris?

20 square kilometers, or about 4,940 acres.

How many acres is in .97 acres?

.97 acres.