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Installshield is a tool for basically developed for Microsoft windows applications.By using the Install shield we can generate a .exe file which can be used on the destination computer in order to install the paylods from source computer to destination computer. We can also specify questions,set prerequistes and registry settings on the installation time.

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Q: What does installshield do?
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Where can you get InstallShield Wizard?

When a software vendor uses an InstallShield product to create a software installation, the vendor can choose to add the InstallShield Wizard to the installation. It is not the InstallShield Wizard or InstallShield that created your installation, the maker of the software created the installation. The wizard is just a tool that helps make installing software easier.

Is there a software utility that can be used to produce an install file or autoexec file?

there is a piece of software called "Installshield" installshield. it is probably the most popular software installation package around

InstallShield Wizard The Sims 3 administrative?

yes, run the installshield wizard, that is how you install the game onto your computer. but you need to install it on an Administrator's account on the computer, it will not allow you to install if you are on a limited account.

Is installshield update manager a worm or virus?

how do I delete the install shield virus

How do you get petz5 back after uninstaling it?

Delete or rename Program Files\Common Files\Installshield I did that and it works fine.

What are the options offered by the software InstallShield?

InstallShield is one of the best know installation protection services available. They offer a wide variety of security solutions and details depending on your level of software expertise. You can view a side by side comparison on their website in order to select the appropriate software.

What is ISScript in computer means?

ISScript stands for InstallShield Script, ISScript is an applicaiton that handles the installation of other applications.

How do you delete the installshield update manager virus?

To delete the installed shield manager virus simply go to control panel ant then uninstall programs to remove it.

When you try to download WolfQuest it says something else is installing?

This usually happens if Installshield is installing another program -- you can cancel this by killing the process in Task Manager, then restarting the installer for WolfQuest (or subsequently any other installer).

Can you choose where to install Battlefield 2 if yes how?

Yes. After you have inserted your serial number, Installshield will present you with a 'Setup Type' dialog box. Choose 'Custom', press 'Next' and on the following dialog box you will see a 'Browse' button. Press that and navigate to the drive and folder where you would like it installed.

Installshield wizard does not complete an installation procedure?

That Means ,The Setup File still in process ,Else Setup Support files like MSM (Merge Module Files) May be Missed Or Just Close the All Other Applications if its running. then wait if its still not complete means .Try Restart. then try one more time Freshly.

How do you fix 1608 unable to create installDriver instance?

This is an InstallShield issue. There are three potential solutions (try them all):Run the system file checker (sfc.exe) to replace corrupt or missing system files.Re-register the windows installer by running "msiexec /unreg" followed by "msiexec /regserver".See the related links to run the automatic repair utility provided by Microsoft support.