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The term prolotherapy is derived from the word prolo, short for proliferation, as the therapy is intended to proliferate tissue growth in the damaged area.

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Q: What does prolotherapy mean?
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What preparations may be given before prolotherapy treatment?

What preparations may be given before prolotherapy treatment?

Does Medicare cover Prolotherapy?


What are some good journal sources of information on prolotherapy?

Abraham, Irwin. "Prolotherapy for Chronic Headache." Headache (April 1997): 256. Jennings, Suzanne. "The Prolotherapy Option." Forbes 152, no. 13 (December 1993): 248.

What organizations have more information about prolotherapy?

There are many websites that give more information about prolotherapy. See the Related Links for a list of some of these websites.

Does prolotherapy work?

According to the Alternative Medicine Network, studies show prolotherapy relieves 92% of those treated; however, the therapy is relatively untested.

How is the prolotherapy treatment carried out?

In prolotherapy, a doctor injects a sugar water or salt water-based solution into the damaged ligament or tendon at the point where it attaches to the bone.

Who first used injections in prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy using injections was derived from a treatment developed by H.I. Biegeleisen called sclerotherapy, used to treat varicose veins .

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What are the benefits of prolotherapy treatment?

The benefit of prolotherapy is that it is a non-surgical procedure that can be administered in a clinic, saving patients from undergoing anesthesia and surgery followed by a long recovery period.

What is a good online source of information about prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy: The Natural Solution for Pain. Mark T. Wheaton's Orthopedic Practice Page. (June 2000).

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Is prolotherapy covered by insurance?

Though doctors have practiced prolotherapy for more than a half-century, it is still considered an alternative treatment; therefore most insurance policies don't cover it.