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Sir Isaac newton had many hobbies, but the two main ones are astronomy and alchemy

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Q: What were sir Isaac newton's hobbies?
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What were sir Isaac newtons areas of studies?

Sir Isaac Newton studied the nature of things.

Did they name Fig Newtons after Sir Isaac Newton?


What is sir isaac newtons invention?

The Newton Meter

What was Sir Isaac Newtons nationality?


A title before Isaac Newtons name?

"Sir." He was knighted.

When did Sir Isaac Newtons apple fall?

1665 September

What is sir Isaac Newtons nationality?

His Nationality is English.

What was sir isaac newtons experiment in 1665?

The Prism Experiment!

Did Sir Isaac Newtons dad have a brother?

Yes.Abdul latif Hajano

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What was Sir Isaac Newtons scientific area of interest?

laws of motion

Why is sir isaac newtons work to important to the world?

He discovered gravity?