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A relevant population occurs in statistics. This is the population that is being sampled.

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Q: What is a relevant population?
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Can you say that malthusian population theory is relevant to Nigerian using the 2006 population census?

can you say that malthusian population theory is relevant to Nigerian,using the 2006 population census?

Is Christianity relevant to south Africa?

It is 80% of the population.

What is the population Marriot Washington?

Marriot, Washington is a hotel so it is not relevant to a population, but if the population of Washington is asked, it is 6,897 millions according to 2012.

Why is aesthetic argument relevant only to a minority of wealthy citizens in developed countries?

because it holds little relevant to the majority of worlds population

How are birthrate and death rate similar?

They are measures of changes in population. They may be measured in terms of time or in terms of some relevant subset of the population.

The act of generalizing from a sample that is significantly different from the target population and relevant respects?

Biased sample

Canadian army was there any shortage of Canadians to the army?

I would say that relevant to our population, the army is fairly large.

What can they do to ensure that the graying population will remain relevant to the progress of Singapore?

nothing of course. you cannot make people get younger

The population of a city increases by 4000 people each year. In 2015 the population is projected to be 450000 people. What is an equation that gives the city's population p (in thousands of people) x?

p = 450.The increase is not relevant to the equation for the population in 2015.

Are statistic relevant?

Statistics is relevant as it allow us to take a small sample size to accurately simulate the actual population size or event--It saves time while also remaining accurate to the current event.

What is relevant theory?

It is a theory that is relevant

Which preposition comes with relevant?

relevant with

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