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Length = 9cm and total surface area is 486cm2

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Q: A cube has a volume of 729cm3 what is the length and surface area?
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How to Converting volume to surface area?

Volume=area * length of that surface

What is the surface area volume of a cube that is 5mm in length?

The total surface area is 150mm2 and the volume of the cube 125mm3

Is the question the amount of water in a lake length area surface area or volume?


What are some rules for volume and surface area?

volume is length x base x height and surface area is volume divided by height~

What is Surface area and volume of cube formula?

For a cube with sides of length x, surface area = 6x2 and volume = x3.

How do you find the volume and surface area of a parellagram?

It has no volume because it's a 2D shape but its surface area is:- length*perpendicular height

What is the unit for surface area to volume ratio?


How do you find the volume and surface area of a triangle or prism?

The Surface area of a triangle = 0.5*base*height The volume of a prism = area of its cross-section*length

How do you write a formula for volume equals area x average depth?

Volume= surface area (length x width) x depth re arrange to surface area= depth= Volume/Area Area= Volume/Depth

What is the relationship between cube size and surface area-to-volume ratio?

The ratio of the surface area of a cube to its volume is inversely proportional to the length of its side.

What is the surface area to volume ration of a cube with a side length of 6?

The surface area to volume ratio is 1:1 Surface area = (6*6) * 6 = 216 Volume = 6*6*6 = 216

The surface area of a cube in terms of its volume?

Let V=volume V^(1/3)=Side Length=S 6*S^2=Surface Area Surface Area=6*(Volume)^(2/3)

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