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it is a circle graph

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Q: A graph that uses sectors of a circle to compare parts to the whole and parts to other parts?
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What is the other name of pie graph?

Circle Chart or Circle Graph

What does circle graph mean?

It's a Pie graph or Pie Chart are two other common names for a circle graph.

What is the purpose of using a circle graph?

In a circle graph it is easier to see shares of the total than in other kinds of graphs.

What is a circle graph?

It's a circle that kind of looks like a pizza cut into pieces. Usually, the pieces are labeled as something (usually you compare things with a circle graph) and normally have percents along with the label. I'm sorry, I explained it the best way I could. If you have any questions, please e-mail me. To learn more about a circle graph; Also known as pie graph, check this out! < Copy and paste into your broswerThis shows you how a pie/circle graph looks and also tells you what its used for.A quick copy and paste from the site if your too lazy to do all of that."A circle graph or pie graph is used to show how a part of something relates to the whole.This kind of graph is needed to show percentages effectively."(The example is on site! go check it out if your still confused)>In graph theory, a circle graph is a graph whose vertices can be associated with chords of a circle such that two vertices are adjacent if and only if the corresponding chords in the circle intersect. In other words, a circle graph is the intersection graph of a set of chords of a circle.

What graph best shows how different items compare to each other?

a bar graph

What looks like a circle graph?

Do you mean a Pie chart? It looks mostly like a circle. Specifically, a circle whose interior is divided into parts: a right angle to represent a quarter of the whole, a 60-degree angle for 1/6, a 45-degree angle for 1/8, and other such sectors for similar divisions.

What is a type of graph is expressed in a circle?

This could be called a "Circle Graph" or a "Pie Chart". They are most commonly used for displaying percentages and other statistics.

Each circle is tangent to the other two. If the diameter of the large circle is 12, the area of the shaded region is?

shaded sectors do not appear on listings

What is best shown on a bar graph?

How different items compare to each other

What does a bar graph look like?

A bar graph is a graph that has vertical or horizontal bars to represent numbers. A bar graph is usually used to compare two different things with each other.

How are circle line and bar graphs alike and different?

A circle graph (also called pie chart, because the different data representations look like slices of a pie) will represent the data as a portion (percentage) of the whole (a full circle). A bar graph will show absolute values of each data. Both graphs allow you to compare the different data categories to each other (which one is biggest, smallest, etc.)

What are the advantages of a circle graph?

it is more easier to see which subject has more than the other