A shape with three corners

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: A shape with three corners
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What shape has four sides and three corners?

No such shape exists.

Do you now a shape that has three corners?

a triangle

What shape has three corners and three sides?

Every triangle has.

What has a shape with 4 sides and 3 corners?

There is no such shape. If it has two sides meeting, it also has to have a corner. A triangle has three sides and three corners, and a square has four sides and four corners. There is nothing in between.

A shape with four sides and three corners?

cannot be a polygon.

What is the definition of three dimentional?

A shape that it is 3D and has sides, corners and faces

Is a triangle?

A triangle is a shape that has 3 sides and 3 corners. It is a three-sided polygon, which is a plane shape bounded by three straight lines.

What shape has 7 corners and which shape has 8 corners?

a heptagon has 7 corners and a octagon has 8 corners .

How many corners does a retangular prism have?

Otherwise known as a cuboid, a rectangular prism is a three dimensional shape with eight corners (and 6 faces).

What is a shape with 12 corners called?

A shape that has 12 corners is called a dodecagon. This shape not only has 12 corners but alsoÊ12 sides.

What shape has four sides and tow corners?

No shape can have two corners

What are three characteristic of a polygon?

1) Has at least three sides 2) Has at least three vertex's (corners) 3) The shape is closed