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Q: An oblique projection has the patients body positioned parallel to the film?
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Is it true or false that an oblique projection has the patient's body positioned parallelto the film?


Which radiographic projection has the patient positioned so the body is slanted sideways to the film?


What is Cavalier Oblique Drawing?

Drawings in oblique projection in which the vertical plane is parallel to the plane of projection (drawing surface), and all three spatial axes are drawn to the same scale.

What Pictorial sketch shows the most descriptive features parallel to the plane of projection?


Can oblique lines be parallel?

No, oblique lines are neither parallel nor perpendicular

What is the Difference between Isometric Projection and Oblique projection?

The difference is that the Isometric projection shows more and accurate drawing than the Oblique project which is just a pictorial method.

What are the 2 types of oblique drawing?

first angle projection and third angle projection.

What positioning strategies helps demonstrate the inerphalangeal joints on the PA oblique projection?

The hand will need to be parallel to the IR. Positioning of the fingers for PA oblique and lateral projections are used to demonstrate the interphalangeal joints and spaces.

What is the difference between isometric and oblique projection?

alamin m0h

Are ObliqueΒ lines of sight perpendicular to to the frontal projection plane?


What is oblique lines?

lines that aren't parallel.

What is oblique line?

An oblique line can be diagonal, sloping or slanted. It is not vertical, horizontal, parallel or perpendicular.

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