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Intersecting lines that form a right angle are perpendicular lines.

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Q: Are intersecting lines that form right angle?
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Related questions

2 intersecting lines that form a right angle?

the lines are perpendicular, which basically means the two lines intersecting form a right angle

Two intersecting lines that form a right angle?

perpendicular lines

How can you form a right angle?

Intersecting two perpendicular lines will form right angles.

What intersecting lines form a right angle?

Two perpendicular lines form right angles at their point of intersection.

What are 2 intersecting lines that form a right angle called?


What are lines that intersect that do NOT form right angles?

Lines that intersect but do not form a right are just called intersecting lines. Perpendicular lines DO form a right angle when they intersect.

Is there pair lines that intersect but are not perpendicular?

Yes. Perpendicular lines intersect to form a right or 90 degree angle. Not all intersecting lines form a right angle.

Do all intersecting lines form right angles?

No, This only happens when an intersecting line makes a plus sign.

Lines that meet to form a right angle are called?

lines that meet to form a right angle are called? I believe this line is known as a perpendicular line :)

When two lines cross at one point?

intersecting lines; if they form a right angle, then they are perpendicular FARTS :)

Is it true that the measure of the angle formed by two intersecting perpendicular lines are 90 degrees?

Yes, that is the definition of perpendicular. 2 lines intersecting to form a right(90o) angle.

Two intersecting lines form right angles?

Not necessarily. They can intersect at any angle.

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