Are rectangle and octagon alike

Updated: 4/28/2022
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a rectangle and octagon are alike because they both are quadrilaterals.

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Q: Are rectangle and octagon alike
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What is half of an octagon?

As an octagon has 8 angles, a square has 4 as has a rectangle

What does a hexagon and an octagon have alike?

They are polygons

How are a cube and a rectangle alike?

they are not alike. A rectangle is 2 dimensional, a cube is 3 dimensional

What shape has a perimeter of 10 units?

rectangle, octagon

Which shape has 4 more sides then a rectangle?

An octagon

How i a rectangle and right triangle alike?

They are alike inasmuch that a rectangle can be split into two right angle triangles

How are the rectangle and the trapazoid alike?

A rectangle and a trapezoid have four sides.

What of these has exactly 4 sides parallelgram pentagon square octagon trapazoid or a rectangle?

All of them have, except the pentagon and octagon.

How are a rectangle an a rectangular prism alike?

Because they both have rectangle in their name!

What shape has 4 more angles than a rectangle?

octagon. what are you 3

How are trapezoid and rectangle not alike?

A rectangle has four ninety degree angles, where as a trapezoid does not.

How are a triangle and a rectangle alike?

They are both polygons.