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Yes. A parallelogram has two pairs of equal sides, but in a rhombus all the sides are equal.(similar situation: a square is a special kind of rectangle)

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Q: Are rhombuses special parallelograms
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Are parallelograms rhombuses?

Some parallelograms are rhombuses, but all rhombuses are parallelograms. A parallelogram is a rhombus if and only if all of it's sides are the same length.

What parallelograms are not rectangles?


Can a quadrilateral be a parallelogram and a rhombus?

Yes. All rhombuses are parallelograms, but the reverse is not true. (I.e. there are parallelograms which are rhombuses and there a parallelograms that are not rhombuses. -- Just like Every bus has wheels but not everything with wheels is a bus.)

All parallelograms are squares?

False. All rhombuses are parallelograms, so all rhombuses have 2 pairs of parallel sides.

What quadrilateral has opposite sides that are congruent?

That would be a parallelogram. (Rectangles, Squares and Rhombuses are special types of parallelograms.)

Are parallelograms and rhombus the same think?

No. All rhombi (rhombuses) are parallelograms but all parallelograms are not rhombi.

Are all rhombuses also rectangles?

No. Rhombuses that are also rectangles are called squares. Rhombuses are parallelograms with 4 equal sides, while rectangles are parallelograms where all the angles are right.

Can some rhombuses be parallelograms?

Some rhombuses can be parallelograms. It all depends on the direction of the sides. A diamond is a rhombus that is not a parallelogram A square is a rhombus that is a parallelogram

What shapes are also parallelograms?

squares, rectangles, rhombuses

What parallelograms don't have right angles?

Rhombi (or rhombuses)

Are all rhombuses parallelograms?

== == Yes.

Why are all squares rhombuses?

Are all rectangles parallelograms

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