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The only requirement for an isosceles triangle is that two sides be the same length and one be different. It is possible for an isosceles triangle to have two perpendicular legs. It would be right and isosceles.

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Q: Are the side of an isosceles triangle perpendicular?
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How many pairs of perpendicular lines does an isosceles triangle have?

There can be only one pair of perpendicular lines in an isosceles triangle when it is a right angled isosceles triangle. A non right angled isosceles triangle has no pairs of perpendicular lines.

Is a isosceles triangle perpendicular?


What kind of triangle will be produced if one of its medians is perpundicular to the opposite side of that triangle?

In an isosceles triangle, one of the medians is perpendicular to the opposite side of that triangle. In an equilateral triangle, all three medians are perpendicular to the sides of that triangle.

How many perpendicular lines does an isosceles triangle have?

If it is a 45° 45° 90° isosceles right triangle, then there are 2 sides that are perpendicular.

Does a isosceles triangle have perpendicular lines?

No but it does have a perpendicular line of symmetry.

How you can draw a altitude with isosceles triangle?

The altitude line is perpendicular to the base and bisects the apex of the isosceles triangle.

Can the angle bisector of a triangle also be the perpendicular bisector?

Yes. The bisector of one angle of a triangle is the perpendicular bisector of theopposite side if the bisected angle is the vertex angle of an isosceles triangle,or any angle of an equilateral triangle.

How may perpendicular lines in an isosceles triangle?

None but its apex is perpendicular to its base

How many perpendicular sides does a isosceles triangle have?


Can a isosceles triangle have two perpendicular sides?


Does an isosceles triangle have perpendicular lines?

Not normally but as an isosceles right angle triangle it will have perpendicular lines that meet at 90 degrees.

Do the perpendicular bisectors of a triangle always sometimes or never intersect on the triangle?

The perpendicular bisectors only intersect on the triangle when it is an isosceles right triangle.