Area of 1ft by 1ft square?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The area of a square one foot on a side is 1 square foot

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Q: Area of 1ft by 1ft square?
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What is the area of a rectangle in square feet if it it 1ft 9inches x 1ft 6 inches?

2.625 square feet.

How do you find the area of 3ft by 1ft?

To find the area of 3ft by 1ft, you multiply the two. So the area is 3 square feet.

What is the area of a circle with a 1ft 2in diameter?

1ft 2in = 14in Area = pi*72 = 153.938 square inches to 3 decimal places

Surface area of of a 3ft by 1ft 4in rectangle?

576 square inches or 4 square feet

How many feet in a in?

A cubic foot is a square, 1ft by 1ft by 1ft. It is equal to 1728 cubic inches or 12x12x12. If you had one square foot with something one foot high occupying the one square foot area, you would have 1 cubic foot. cubic feet measures volume, square feet area, and just plain feet or linear feet distance.

What is the perimeter of square that has 3ft by 1ft?

How is it a square if its 3ft by 1ft? The perimeter would be 7ft.

How many sq ft are in 7ft?

You need to redefine your question. Square footage is a measurement of area whereas "7ft" is a measurement of length. The question makes no sense. Taken at face value, there are 7 square feet in 7 feet. 1ft x 1ft = 1ft.

What is 1ft squared?

It is the area of a square whose side is 1 foot in length, and equals 1 square foot or 144 square inches or 1/9 sq yards.

How do you convert sq in to sq foot?

Divide by 144. 1ft = 12in 1 sq ft = 1ft x 1ft = 12in x 12in = 144 sq in thus 1 square foot is the same as 144 square inches. So to convert square inches to square feet divide by 144.

How many 12x12 inch brick would you need to lay a 308 square foot patio?

Each brick has an area of 1ft x 1ft ie 1 sq foot. So you would need 308 bricks.

What is the area of the circle with a diameter of 1ft?

diameter = 1' So radius = 6" So area = pi x 6² = 36 pi = approx 113.097 square inches

How many inches are in 2 square feet?

24 inches 1ft=(12in) x 1ft=(12in) = 24 sq in = 2 sq ft