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For simplicity sake, let's assume we have a 10 foot x 10 foot room with an 8 foot ceiling. The floor area is 10 multiplied by 10 to get 100 square feet. To get the volume multiply that by 8 and get 800 cubic feet.

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Q: Calculate the floor area and volume of a rectangular room?
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Volume of a room formula?

Depends on the shape of the room. For a rectangular floor area, it is lengthxwidthxheight. In general find the floor area and multiply by the height, assuming a flat ceiling of constant height.

How do you find the volume of a rectangular prism if you know the area and height?

Volume of rectangular prism = area of base x height

What has the same volume but different surface area?

This will usually be the case for objects that have different shapes: even if they have the same volume, it is unlikely that they have the same surface area. As an example, calculate the volume and surface area of the following two rectangular block shapes: 1) A 2 x 2 x 2 rectangular block 2) A 1 x 1 x 8 rectangular block

How do you find the volume of a trapezoidal pedestal?

If it is a rectangular trapezoidal pedestal: Calculate the area of the base of the pedestal, multiply by the height of the pedestal. If the angles of the pedestal are not 90deg.. i.e. if it is a pyramidal trapezoidal pedestal. Then calculate the volume as you normally would a rectangular trapezoidal pedestal, and subtract the volume of the missing triangular pieces with the formula 1/3 area of base X height.

What is the formula used to calculate the volume of a rectangular solid?

The volume of a rectangular solid is calculated by taking the area of the base and multiplying it by the solids height. Another way of saying this is to say length x width x height.

What is volume when speaking about rectangular prisms?

The volume of a rectangular prism is its cross-section area times its length.

How do you find the height of a rectangular room whose area is 315 square feet in order to calculate the room's volume?

You need to measure it. You cannot calculate it from the available information.

How to calculate net floor areas?

How to calculate the net floor area when you know the gross floor area

Volume of a rectangular prism area of a trapezoid area of a rectangle?

Volume of a rectangular prism= LengthXWidthXHeight Area of a Rectangle= LengthXWidth Area of a Trapezoid= (Bottom+Top)/2)XHeight

How do you find the height of a rectangular prism when given the base area and volume?

The volume of any right prism (the floor and ceiling are identical in shape) = Base area * heightSA = BA + LASA = BA + phLA=ph

How do you calculate area of a rectangular surface?

Area = Length * Breadth.

The floor of a rectangular deck has an area of 600 sq ft The floor is 20 ft wide How long is the floor?

The floor of a rectangular deck has an area of 600 sq. ft. The floor is 20 ft. wide. How long is the floor?45