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No not never

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Q: Can a scalene triangle be an equiangular triangle?
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An equiangular triangle can never be scalene true or false?

An equiangular triangle is always equal. A scalene triangle does not have to have any equal sides. Therefore an equiangular triangle in never scalene.

What figure is not always equiangular?

A scalene triangle.

An equiangular triangle can never be scalene?

That is correct

Can a equiangular triangle can be a scalene?

No, it cant. In order to be equiangular, a triangle also has to be equilateral. Equilateral means all three sides are the same, while scalene means none of the three sides are the same.

Does a equiangular triangle have to be equilateral?

No, an equilateral triangle has to be equiangular, but an equiangular triangle does NOT have to be equilateral

Is An equiangular triangle congruent to every other equiangular triangle?


Can an equiangular triangle be scalene?

No. An equiangular triangle is always equilateral. This can be proven by the Law of Sines, which states that sin A / a = sin B / b = sin C / c, where A, B and C are angles of a triangle and a, b and c are the opposing sides of their corresponding angles. If A = B = C, then sin A = sin B = sin C. Therefore for the equation to work out, a = b = c. Therefore the eqiangular triangle is equilateral, and therefore not scalene, which requires that all sides of the triangle be of different lengths.

Is a triangle a small regular polygon?

A regular polygon is any polygon that has sides which are the same length and angles whose measures are equal. An equilateral triangle (also equiangular triangle) is a regular polygon. Other isosceles triangles (equilateral triangles are isosceles, but they are an exception) and scalene triangles are not regular polygons. A side note: Only in a triangle is a polygon regular solely if it is equilateral. (Since an equilateral triangle is equiangular as well). This is NOT always true in other polygons, like quadrilaterals, where it can be equilateral but not necessarily equiangular (a rhombus) or equiangular but not equilateral (a rectangle).

Can a equiangular triangle be an equilateral triangle?

Every equilateral triangle is equiangular, and every equiangular triangle is equilateral.

A triangle with no congruent side?

................ scalene triangle ................ =)

Can a scalene triangle be a triangle?

Yes, a scalene triangle can be a triangle.

What kind of triangle has sides of different length?

A scalene triangle.A scalene triangle.A scalene triangle.A scalene triangle.