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it doesn't normally but it can and still be a trapezoid

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Q: Can a trapezoid have one right angle?
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What quadralaterals have one right angle?

A trapezoid can be drawn with one right angle.

Can a trapezoid have only one right angle?


What quadrangle shape has one right angle?

a trapezoid

Does a trapezoid have exactly one pair of an right angle?


Is it possible to have a proper trapezoid with one right angle?


Can a trapezoid be a rectangle and why?

NO. A trapezoid cannot be a rectangle. If a parallelogram has one right angle then it is a rectangle. A trapezoid doesn't satisfy this condition because a trapezoid is a quadrilateral with exactly one parallel side which means that it doesn't have a right angle.

What a trapezoid with only 1 right angle?

a right trapezoid

Which figure has 2 right angle 1 obtuse angle and 1 acute angle?

It fits the description of a trapezoid

Why is a trapezoid not a rectangle?

A rectangle has four right angles, two parallel pairs of line segments, and the lines are perpendicular. A trapezoid has one pair of parallel angles, and the angles do not have to be right, although a trapezoid with a right angle is called a right angle trapezoid, and a trapezoid with no parallel segments is a trapezium.

How do you make a right angle in a trapezoid?

you can't a trapezoid can never really have a right angle if it does it is no real trapezoid. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- all the way -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ___ Actually you can. Instead of having to angled sides: / \ ___ You make it be: | \ It's still a trapezoid but an irregular one. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

What has 4 equal sides and 1 right angle?

A trapezoid can have 4 equal sides and one right angle.

Why does a trapezoid have a right angle?

In general, trapezoids do not have right angles. In fact, a trapezoid with a right angle is a special case, called a rectangle.

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