Can you show me a polygon?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There are many places where you can find a picture of a polygon. If you go to Google and type in polygon pictures of polygons will pop up.

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Q: Can you show me a polygon?
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Can you show all polygon?

No. There are an infinite number of them.

What is the polygon with the least number of sides?

the triangle, unless you can show us a polygon with only two sides

Show different types of polygon shapes?


Show pictures of different polygons?

we have 9 diffrent kind of polygons. Each polygon has a diffrent amount of line segments. a polygon is a flat figure and has no gapes.

How many sides does a polygon have until it turns into a circle?

A polygon with 1000 sides is still a polygon but even a polygon of 100 sides gives characteristics of a circle. When demonstrating circles a polygon of 100 sides helps show the circle characteristics.

Show an example of a trapezoid with 2 right angles?

polygon and rectangle

Can you show what a polygon looks like?

I don't see any thing

The difference between a histogram and a frequency polygon is?

the basic difference between histogram and frequency polygon is that histogram uses bars to show its frequency and frequeny polygon uses points and join its staight line

Can you show me what a dodecagon looks like?

looks like a 12-sided polygon

Can you show me at least 1 polygon?

A Cut the legs off of this A and you have a triangle, which is a polygon. Triangle Heptagon Quadrilateral Pentagon Hexagon Octagon Decagon Nonagon that is all of the polygons

Can you show you a picture of polygons?

draw a square, that is a polygon. We have no say to draw pictures here.

Show you a picture of a four-sided polygon with opposite sides parallel and no right angles?

The picture you are looking for is a parallelogram.