Cities on the 33rd degree parallel?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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San Clemente, Ca.

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Q: Cities on the 33rd degree parallel?
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Is Charleston s.c. on the 33rd degree longitude?

Just under the 33rd degree latitude.

What does a non political 33rd degree mason do?

There is no such thing as a non political 33rd degree mason.

What towns or cities lie on the 40 degree south parallel?


Are masonic freemason rings valuable?

Masonic rings are very valuable. They indicate the degree you are in and what type of lodge you're in. A gold 33rd degree masonic ring. It costs about $575.why? First off its gold. Second,it represents the 33rd degree of Masonry. "All is revealed at the 33rd degree".

Is Ross Perot a mason?

33rd degree

Is mike Holmes a mason?

yes he is, a 33rd Degree

What is the password for the 33rd degree in the masonic order?

This is a pointless question because no answer can be posted here. If you want to know something that only 33rd Degree Masons know, and you are not a 33rd degree Mason yourself, then the moment you learn it, it is no longer something that only 33rd degree Masons know. This is like asking someone to post an answer that never has and never will be posted on

Is George Carlin a Freemason?

He was master jester 33rd degree at the eastern star lodge

Which two Nevada cities are north of the 38 degree north parallel?

TonopahWarm SpringsPrestonRenoCarson CityElkoBakerElyMcGillEurekaAustinIoneYeringtonWabuskaFallonStillwaterSilver SpringsMindenSutcliffeFernleyOreanaCurrieWest WendoverMontelloWellsDeethLamoilleSpring CreekCarlinTuscaroraBeowaweBattle MountainValmyGolcondaImlayGerlachOrovadaParadise ValleyPatsvilleMountain CityOwyheeDenio

What is a arctic is it a country or a city?

The Arctic is neither. It is comprised of both countries and cities. It is defined in different ways, but is broadly defined as north of the 66.5 degree parallel.

The northern border of Louisiana is approximately the 33rd parallel.Identify all the other states that this parallel passes through?

look at a map

Is the 33rd degree of Freemasonry really Satanism?

No. The 33rd degree is part of the Scottish Rite system, and represents the governing body for the jurisdiction in question. No part of Freemasonry involves worship of Satan or even discussing him. The Scottish Rite is, in part, explicitly Christian in nature.