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Only if they're each 45 degrees.

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Q: Do 2 acute angles of the same size form a right angle?
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Why do roads form an acute angle?

Roads don't always form an acute angle, they can form a right angle. If you are really picky, you might say that they can never form a perfect right angle, so two of the angles formed must be acute (and the other two obtuse).

Do perpendicular lines intersect at acute angles?

They can but don't have to as long as they are intersecting it doesn't matter whatt type of angles they form. * * * * * NO! The fact that they are perpendicular means that they intersect at right angles. Not an acute angle, not an obtuse angle but a right angle. That is what perpendicular is.

What is the name given to angles that form a right angle when added together?

Right angles aren't formed by other angles - it is already an angle itself. However, if you bisect a right angle, it becomes two acute angles.

Must a triangle with two acute angles be a right angle?

No. For example, say the two angles are 10° and 20°. Then the other angle is 180°-10°-20°=150° and that is not a right angle. But if the triangle has two equal acute angles of 45 degrees then the 3rd angle must be 90 degrees which will form a right angle triangle.

Which set of pairs can connected in order to form a rigth triangle?

A 90 degree angle and 2 acute angles will form a right angle triangle.

Can a quadrilateral be made with 3 acute angles and 1 right angle?

Not possible... The internal angles of a quadrilateral always total 360. If you MUST have an angle of 90 degrees - the remaining angles must total 270. At least one of the remaining angles will always be obtuse.

Do perpendicular lines form acute or obtuse angles?

No, they don't. They form right angles.

What angels form a triangle?

acute, obtuse and right angles

What angle is formed by 2 right angles?

2 right angles will form a supplementary angle of 180 degrees

What type of angles form right angles?

a 90 digree angle

When a square is divided by a diagnal is an isosceles acute triangle is form?

A right angle isosceles triangle is then formed which will have two 45 degrees angles and one 90 degrees angle.

What kind of angels are formed if you divide a right angel in half?

A right angle of 90 degrees when divided in half will form 2 acute angles of 45 degrees

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