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In a "regular hexagon" all sides are equal. For an irregular hexagon there are six sides but they aren't all the same length.

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Yes providing that it is a regular 6 sided hexagon

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Q: Does a hexagon have six equal sides or just six sides?
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Draw a hexagon?

A hexagon can be drawn either with a compass or round object, or free hand. A hexagon has six equal sides and six equal angles. For a perfect hexagon, a compass is recommended. * * * * * While a hexagon does have six sides and six vertices, these need not be equal. If the sides are all equal AND the angles are equal, then the hexagon is a regular hexagon.

2d shape with 6 equal sides?

A shape with six sides is a hexagon. A hexagon with all sides and angles equal is a regular hexagon.

What does a hexagon equal?

A hexagon equals a polygon with six sides.

What is a 6 sided polygon other than a hexagon?

A hexagon IS a six sided polygon. A REGULAR hexagon is the shape we tend to think of when we say hexagon because it has equal sides and equal internal angles. However, a hexagon can have unequal sides and internal angles and still be a hexagon. A hexagon is just a shape with six sides.

How may sides are the same length for hexagon?

As many as you want - up to six. "Hexagon" simply means that there are six sides.

What has six sides and all sides are not equal?

An irregular hexagon

How many equal sides does a concave hexagon have?

Six Equal Sides :) x

How many base sides are there in a hexagon?

6 A Regular Hexagon has six sides of equal length, and 6 equal angles.

Is a hexagon equilateral?

Yes, a hexagon can be equilateral if it has six equal sides, which will give it six equal interior angles

What is a shape with six equal sides and six equal angles called?

A regular hexagon.

How many equal sides in a hexagon?

The term "hexagon" is derived from the prefix "hex" which means six and the suffix "gon" which means angle. Thus, a hexagon has six equal angles and six equal sides.

A six-sided polygon with six equal sides?

A regular hexagon

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