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how to find the measure of angle C in the following triangle

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The statement two parallelograms are similar is always never or sometimes true

Find the measure of angle c if a 115 and b 30

Two nonadjacent angles formed by two intersecting lines are what angles

An angle is formed by two rays and a vertex.

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Q: Find the measure of angle c if a 115 and b 30?
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Which kind of triangle is 115 and 30 degrees?

It is an obtuse triangle and the third angle would measure 35 degrees

Find the measure of an angle such that the difference between the measures of its supplement and three times its complement is 60"The measure of the angle is?

explement of the angle or conjugate of an angle

Find the measure of an interior angle and an exterior angle of a regular polygon with 30 sides?


Find the measure of the compliment of a 30 degree angle?

60 degrees

If m angle A 50 and m angle B 100 find the measure of BFE?

30 A+

What type of angle is this measure A equals 30?

An angle with 30 degrees is an acute angle.

How do you find the measure of an angle for a regular 12 sided polygon?

Exterior angle: 360/12 = 30 degrees Interior angle: 180-30 = 150 degrees

Two angles are complementary the measure of the larger angle is twice the measure of the smaller angle find the measure of the larger angle?

the larger angle is 60 and the smaller angle is 30.complimentary angles are 2 angles forming 90 degrees.

In parallelogram ABCD if angle A equals 5x plus 30 and angle D equals x find angle c?

In parallelogram ABCD, angle A and angle D are adjacent or consecutive angles and are supplementary, meaning the sum of their measures is equal to 180 degrees. Angles A and C are opposite angles and have the same measure. These are some important properties of parallelograms. So to find the measure of angle C, you first have to find the measure of angle A. You can do that with a little algebra. First, set the expressions for the measures of angles A and D equal to 180 and solve for x. Then plug that value for x into the expression for the measure of angle A, which is the same as the measure for angle C. 5x + 30 + x = 180 6x + 30 = 180 6x = 150 x = 25 Therefore, 5x + 30 = 5(25) + 30 = 125 + 30 = 155 The measure of angle C is 155.

An angle is five times its supplement find its measure what is the measurement of the angle?

The angles are: 150+30 = 180 degrees

In a parallelogram the measure of angle b the measure of angle a by 30 degrees what is the measure of angle d?

105 degrees

The supplement of an angle is 30 degrees less than twice the measure of the angle itself find the angle and its supplement?

two-thirds of an angle is 30degree more than its supplemant. find the angle

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