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They must be collinear.

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Q: For a point to be between two other points the three points must be?
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What is the difference between collinear and non collinear point?

Collinear points are three or more points lying on the same line.Non-collinear point are when less than three (not including three) points lie on a line.

Through any three points not on a line there is one?

between two point there is exactly one line between three points there is exactly one plane

How do you find a point equidistant from three other points?

To find a point equidistant from three other points, construct perpendicular bisectors for two of the segments formed from three points. Note: this will be the center of the circle that has all three points on it's circumference. Three points, not in a straight line, form three pairs of points with each pair defining a different line. Take any pair of points and draw the perpendicular bisector of the line joining them. Repeat for one of the other pairs. These two perpendicular bisectors will meet at the point which is equidistant from all three points - the circumcenter of the triangle formed by the three points.

If three points are given then how do you prove that they are collinear?

0). Considering any TWO points, you can calculate the slope of the line between them like this: Slope = (difference between the y-values of the two points) divided by (difference between the x-values of the two points). Use this technique to examine your THREE points, like this: 1). Calculate the slope of the line between Point-2 and Point-1. 2). Calculate the slope of the line between Point-3 and Point-1. 3). If the two slopes are equal, then the three points all lie on the same line.

When three points lie on a line one point is called?

Collinear with the other two.

Does three points intersect at a single point?

No, only three lines can intersect at a single point.

Is three distinct points always determine a line?

No, because Of any three points on a line there exists no more than one that lies between the other two.

How many points are scored for a basket shot from outside the three point line?

How many points is a basket made inside the three point line

How do you find the equal distance from each of your three points?

It is the circumcentre of the triangle formed by the three points. Draw the perpendicular bisectors of two of the lines joining the three points. They will meet at the point that is equidistant from the three points.

How is the score in basketball counted?

Any shot within the three point line is two points, a shot made outside the three point line is worth three points, and a free throw is worth one point.

A three point shot is worth how many points?

its worth 3 points..hints the name 3 point shot

When did basketball start scoring three points for a field goal?

They don't give 3 points for a field goal. Basketball gives you three points when you make a basket at the three point line the three point line was added after the 1978/1979 season.

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