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Some examples for parallel lines- railroad tracks, steps, buildings, paper, windows, ect.

Some examples for perpendicular lines- stop sign, bridge, street intersection, driveway into a street, ect.

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Q: Give some real examples for angles parallel lines perpendicular lines?
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CAN Perpendicular lines can be parallel?

No, perpendicular lines intersect eachother at 90 degree angles. Parallel lines never intersect. So perpendicular lines will never be parallel.

Examples for angles parallel lines perpendicular lines?

Real life example of parallel lines are railroad tracks and rows in a garden. Also the lines on a basketball court are parallel

Two lines are perpendicular if they are parallel and cross?

Parallel lines are never perpendicular. Perpendicular lines are co-planar and cross at right angles.

Can perpendicular lines be parallel?

no perpendicular lines intersect one another to form 90 degree angles. parallel lines never intersect each other. perpendicular lines can NEVER be parallel

What is true about perpendicular lines?

perpendicular lines run at 90% angles to each other not Parallel

What lines are not perpendicular?

Parallel lines or lines that don't intersect at right angles

What shape has parallel lines perpendicular lines equal opposite angles and equal adjacent angles?


What are two kind of lines?

Perpendicular and parallel lines are two examples.

How many parallel lines does a right angle have?

A right angle has no parallel lines, but it does have perpendicular lines that meet at right angles.

Can perpendicular lines be parallel lines?

No, never. Perpendicular lines cross each other at right angles. To be parallel two lines must never cross each other.

Are right angles parallel?

Parallel refers to lines and not angles A right angle is formed by 2 lines that are perpendicular to each other and not parallel If you already have a line and you draw two lines which are at right angles to it, those two lines are parallel.

Are perpendicular lines parallel to each other?

No, perpendicular means intersecting or forming right angles.

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