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A slope is 0 if it is a straight horizontal line. A slope is undefined if it is a straight vertical line.

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Q: How can you tell if a slope is zero or undefined?
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What is the difference between a line that has a zero slope and a line that has a undefined slope?

zero is horizontal, undefined is vertical

Do horizontal lines have an undefined slope?

No. The slope of a horizontal line is zero. The slope of a vertical line is undefined.

What is the difference between undefined slope and zero slope?

A line with an undefined slope is a vertical line. A line with a slope of zero is a horizontal line. If you use the formula for slope m = (y2-y1) divided by (x2-x1)... For an undefined slope you will get zero in the denominator, which you cannot have because you cannot divide by zero. For a slope equal to zero, you will get a zero in the numerator. Zero divided by any non-zero denominator, will give you a slope of zero.

What does an undefined slope look like?

Undefined slope is a vertical line along the horizontal point of origin., the slope would have a denominator of zero, which is undefined.

What is the four different types of slopes?

positive slope negative slope undefined slope zero slope

What are four types of slope?

positive slope negative slope zero slope undefined

What type of slope does vertical lines have?

a slope of zero. horizontal is undefined

The slope of every vertical line is?

The slope of any vertical Line is undefined because anything divided by zero is undefined.

What is the difference between a line with a slope of zero and no slope?

A line with slope of zero is horizontal. A line with no slope is vertical because slope is undefined on a vertical line.

What is the difference between undefined slope and no slope?

Undefined slope is when a line is exactly on the y-axis, for reasons unknown, the slope of a line on the y-axis cannot be determined, so therefore it it "undefined." A line with no slope is a line with a slope of zero. In order for a line to have a slope of zero, it must be directly on the x-axis, meaning it is horizontal. Horizontal lines are straight and have no slope

What kind of slope does a vertical line have?

a vertical line has an undefined slope, while a horizontal slope has a slope of zero.

A horizontal line has a rise which is?

The slope is 0. If it were vertical, the slope would be undefined. APEX ZERO