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-- It could be a circle with a diameter of roughly 94.4 feet.

-- It could be a square with sides of roughly 83.7 feet.

-- It could be a rectangle. There are an infinite number of rectangles,

all with different dimensions, that cover 7,000 square feet.

Here are a few:

7 x 1,000 feet

14 x 500

28 x 250

35 x 200

50 x 140

70 x 100

A 2-story house on a 50 x 70 foundation.

-- If you've had contact with real estate, or shopped for your own home, then

perhaps you have a feeling for the size of an acre of land. 7,000 square feet

amounts to about 16% of an acre. To put it the other way, if you have an acre,

you can cut it into 7,000-sq-ft pieces six times, and have enough left over for

about a quarter of one more piece.

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Q: How can you visualize what 7000 square feet looks like?
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