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The formula to calculate cross sectional area of a cylinder is pi (a constant value, approximately 3.14) multiplied by the radius of the cylinder (half the diameter, so half the distance from on side of the circle to the other) squared (multiplied again by itself) So if the circular end of the cylinder is 10 centimeters across, then the diameter is 10cm and the radius is 5cm. The cross sectional area would be calculated as: 3.14 x 5cm x 5cm = 78.5cm squared.

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Q: How do you calculate the cross section area of cylinder?
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How do you calculate the volume of cylinder?

Volume of a cylinder = (area of its cross-section) x (its length) If the end is a circle, then the area of the cross-section = (pi) x (half the diameter)2 = (pi) x (radius)2 Then Volume = pi R2 L

How do you calculate area of cylinder in taper shape?

By definition, a cylinder has two equal circular (or elliptical) faces and a uniform cross section. Therefore, a cylinder cannot be tapered.

How do you calculate the cross section area of river?

by math

How are the formulas for the area of a circle and the volume of a cylinder related?

The volume of a cylinder is the cross-sectional area of the cylinder multiplied by its length. The perpendicular cross-section of a cylinder is a circle.

How do you calculate the cross sectional area of cable?

Simply work out the area of a section of cable.........

How do you finde the volume of a cylinder?

You compute the area of the cross section (a circle), then multiply the result with the cylinder's height.

How do you calculate the surface area of an elbow with rectangular cross section?

Lol at your life

How do you calculate area of steelrod?

If the steel rod has a circular cross-section - the usual case - you can use the formula for a cylinder. Since the area of the base is quite small, it can be ignored - just calculate length x diameter x pi.

Cross sectional area of a cylinder?

= area of a circle = pi*r^2 or length x width if the cross section is longitudinal (since the area will be rectangular)

How do you calculate the cross sectional area of a cube?

You cannot unless you know the angle of the plane which defines the cross section.

How do you calculate volume in prism?

Volume of prism = area of cross section x length.

How do you calculate the volume of the triangular prism?

Its volume is: cross-section area times its length

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