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if you have the diameter or the arc, then you can divide the diameter by two, or you can use the arc to calculate it.

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Q: How do you find the area of a circle without the radius?
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How do you find the area of a circle without knowing the radius?

If the circumference or diameter is given then you can find the radius or simply measure the distance from the centre of the circle to the circumference.

How do you calculate area of circle without radius?

Well, what you do is you would find the circumference, or the distance around the circle.

How do you find ratio of area to radius?

In a circle, the area of the circle is pi times the radius squared

What is the radius and the area of a circle?

The radius of a circle is the distance from the center to any point on the circle. The area is the space within the circle. The formula to find the area is πr2. r stands for the radius of the circle. If you want to find the radius, you can work backwards from the area or the circumference, which is the perimeter of the circle. The formula for circumference is 2πr.

How do you find the radius of circle with area 144pi?

Equation for the area circle = pi x radius squared If the area is 144pi, then you need to find the square root of 144, which is 12. Therefore, radius = 12

Why do you find the area of a circle with pi times the radius squared?

You find the area of a circle with pi times radius squared because the radius is half the circle so to find the full area you need to multiply it again.

What is the radius of a circle if the area is 153.86cm2?

The area of a circle is 153.86cm².find the radius of the circle

How do you find the radius of an inscribed circle of a square given the area of the circle?

If yo have the area of the circle, the square is irrelevant. Radius = sqrt(Area/pi)

How to find area of a circle?

you take the radius and multiply it by itself. then you multiply the radius squared by 3.14 to get the area of a circle...

How do you find a area a circle?

The answer depends on what information you are given.

How do you find the radius and diameter of the circle if you know the area?

Area of Circle = pi (radius)2 So , using this formula we can find the radius and also the diameter. Diameter = 2(radius)

How do you find the radius of a circle without the diameter or circumference?

If you know the circle's area then the radius can be found: pi*radius2 = area Divide both sides by pi: radius2 = area/pi Square root both sides: radius = the square root of (area/pi)