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area is length times width

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Q: How do you find the area of a parallelogram with only the perimeter?
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How is a parallelogram and a triangle perimeter related?

Only by the definition of a perimeter.

How do you find the perimeter of a hexagon if the area is given?

In general you cannot find the perimeter of any shape if only the area is given.

How do you find the perimeter if you only have the area?

Area times pie 3.14

How can you find the area of a parallelogram if you only know the side lengths?

The area of a parallelogram is equal to base times height. You can find the maximum area of a parallelogram by multiplying the length of a short side by the length of a long side. (This would be the area if the parallelogram were a rectangle.)You cannot know the area of a parallelogram if all you know is the length of the sides; you can only know the maximumpossible area. Imagine you slant the parallelogram a lot. The area will decrease, but the side lengths will stay the same.

How do you find the height of a parallelogram if only you have the base and area?


How do you find the area of a parallelogram if only the diagonal is given?

You cannot. There is not enough information.

What is the area and perimeter of a cylinder?

There is no perimeter of a circle. Only flat shapes have perimeters. You can however, find the circumference, surface area, and volume.

How dO you find the perimeter of a square if it only give you the area?

Square root the area and then times the answer by 4

How do you get the area of the triangle from perimeter?

From only the perimeter you cannot.

How do you find the area of a yard using the perimeter in square feet?

You can't only using the perimeter. You have to know length and width.

How do you find the length and breadth with only the area and perimeter?

let the length be 'x' and the breadth be 'y' then area = xy and perimeter = 2x+2y Solve the simultaneous linear equations by given area and perimeter. Regards, A Pakistani!

Can you find the perimeter if you know the lengths of two opposite side of a parallelogram?

perimeter of a parallelogram = 2(w+h) where:w is the base length of the parallelogramh is the side lengthIf you know the length of one side, then the opposite side must have the same length.This is not enough information to fine the perimeter since you have only h or w and not both.

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