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The area of a parallelogram is equal to the length of the base times the shortest distance to the opposite side.

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Q: How do you find the area of a parellogram?
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Is A equals bh the formula for the area of a parellogram?


Is every square a parellogram?


Are all rombuses parellogram?

um no

How many angles in a parellogram?


How many sides does a parellogram have?


What is 2 different names for a rhombus?

Diamond and parellogram

Can a parellogram tesselate?

Yes all quadrilaterals can tessellate

Can a square be a parellogram?

A square is a special case of a parallelogram.

What are 3 names for a rectangle?

a square,parellogram,hecgaton

A parellogram and a rectangle have equal areasfind the altitude of the parellogram?

The question cannot be answered without further information. Have the rectangle and parallelogram the same length/ base? If not, what is the length of the rectangle and the base of the parallelogram?

How many right angles in a parellogram?

There are 4 right angles in a parallelogram.

Can a rectangle be a parellogram also?

Yes, a rectangle is a special case of parallelograms.