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Area = length x width = square measurement of floor space area

For example:

A room 3 meters by 4 meters has an area of 12 square meters. (3 x 4)

First of all you need to determine the shape of the room. If the room is L-shaped, or has a bay window, you will need to divide the room up into triangles, rectangles, trapezoids etc. Measure the size of each shape - in feet - and calculate the square footage using standard formulae. Finally sum the results.

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Q: How do you find the area of a room?
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How do you find the area of a room in feet?

Answers for ali room has an area of 1295 sqeare feet. his room is 35 feet long. what is the area

What is the area of a 15m2 room?

15 meters squared is the area of the room. You find area by multiplying the length of the room times the width. The result is square meters or feet.

Find area of room?

Find the area of a floor with width 4x+2 and length 3x-5

How do you find a relationship in width and area?

To find the relationship in width and area you can use the formula area/length = width. To find the area of a room you multiple the length by the width.

The area of a square room is 225.find the dimension of the room?

If the room is square, then the area is the square of the length of any side.The length of any side is the square root of the area = sqrt(225) = 15.

How do you find the number of marbles that fill a room?

To find the number of marbles that fill the room, you need to figure the room's dimensions and the size of the marbles to be used. You will then figure the area.

How do you find the total area of a room?

A =Lw....A- areal - lengthw - width

How do you find the width of the room if the area is 49?

Area = width x length in order to find width you need to know length

How do you find the area of a basketball court?

At my school I find the area of a basket ball court by turning left when I walk out of the locker room.

How to Find square footage of a oddly shaped room?

Split the area up into shapes for which you can work out the area: rectangles and triangles. Then the area of the original room is the sum of all the areas.

How do you figure out the area of a room?

room is in cuboid shape, so by calculating length(L),breadth(B),height(H) we can find area by formula AREA=L*B*H

How is area used in our every day life?

Area is used to find out how large of a rug you can place in your living room, or to find out how large of a painting you can get.

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