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It is a square with a right angle triangle attached to it having the same height as the square.

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Q: How do you make a trapezoid out of a square and triangle?
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What shape can make a trapezoid and triangle?

A trapezoid and a triangle can make a triangle or another trapezoid, among others.

How do you make a triangle and trapezoid out of a square?

To make a triangle, cut it on its diagonal and put two opposite legs together. you cannot make a trapezoid without two squares, where you do the same thing as the triangle but put the second square in between.

What does a triangle and a trapezoid makes?

A trapezoid and a triangle make a paralellogram.

What do rectangle trapezoid square triangle and the parallelogram have in common?

They are all polygons.

Can a trapezoid make a triangle?

No because a trapezoid has 4 sides and a triangle has three if a trapezoid had three then it would be a triangle. If you had 3 trapezoids you could make a triangle!

How do you make a trapezoid tangram without using a square shape?

by 1 parallelogram and a triangle

How do you make a trapezoid out of one square and one triangle?

You can do it only of the triangle is right angled and if one of its legs is the same length as the side of the square. In that case, let that side of the triangle abut a side of the square.

What do a trapezoid and a triangle make?

It depends entirely on their relative shapes and sizes. They could make a triangle, a parallelogram, a square, or a pentagon or even a concave heptagon.

How do 5 triangles 1 square and 1 trapezoid make a triangle?

The answer will depend on the exact shapes of the individual items.

A triangle and a trapezoid can be combined to make a?

Bigger triangle, a parallelogram or a pentagon.

What are the basic figure?

square triangle circle trapezoid rhombus etc.

Is a right triangle a trapezoid?

No. A trapezoid is not a triangle at all

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How do you make a trapezoid out of one square and one triangle?

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