How do you perform chidori in real life?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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just do these hand seals and concentrate. ox-rabbit and monkey

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Q: How do you perform chidori in real life?
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How do you do cidori?

Film yourself doing all the ridiculous hand signs, and then get Adobe Aftereffects, then make it look like there's lightning in your hand. Unfortunately, there is plausible way to perform Chidori in real life. The hand seal is Ox, Hare, Monkey

Is the chidori real?

if u can really consintrate your level of chi....almost impsible

How many chidoris are in Naruto?

There are 5 they are Double-handed chidori, Curse mark Chidori, Black Chidori, Chidori 1000 birds, Chidori Stream (Shippuden)

What is Chidori at maximum power?

Chidori remains Chidori. even if it becomes more powerful. maybe you mean the Dark Chidori Sasuke uses on Naruto in their battle in the Valley of the End. In that case, Sasuke creates a Dark Chidori (suggested name: Yami Chidori), which is stronger then the regular Chidori.

When was Kaname Chidori created?

Kaname Chidori was created in 2002.

How do you do the chidori hand sighns?

well i know them i did your chidori will be white

How do you get chidori on Naruto Ultimate Ninja 2?

seriously you dont get chidori in naruto un2 but you get in naruto ultimate ninja 3 the chidori

Can you perform a Kinniku Buster In Real life?

you could if you want to break your freaking neck

How do you do Sasuke chidori on wii?

use the sharinga first then use chidori

What is stronger naruto's chidori or Sasuke's lightning blade?

Naruto doesnt have Chidori. Sasuke and Kakashi uses Chidori and lightning blade is used by Kakashi. Lightning blade is enhaced form of Chidori and is S rank whereas Chidori is A rank . So Lightning blade is stronger.

What is the different about chidori and lightning blade?

chidori is an incomplete version of the lightning blade,the lighnting blade is an improved,complete and stronger version of the chidori

Are vocaloid real in real life?

They are computer software thingies so yes and no. When they perform, they are projected on to a screen (holograms). No, they are not real, actual living people.