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73.5+16.5 = 90 degrees which is a complementary angle

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Q: How do you solve 16.5 degree using complementary angle?
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How do you solve the hypotenuse of triangle APC if angle P is a right angle?

By using trigonometry or using Pythagoras' theorem for a right angle triangle.

Can a exterior angle be found through the use of complementary angles?

false but You can find the measure of an exterior angle by using supplementary angles.

How do you construct a 50 degree angle using a pair of compass?

by 60 degree and 90 degree

How do you construct degree?

A 127.5 degree angle can be constructed by using a protractor and a straight edge.

What is the formula to get the degree of an angle?

Using a protractor is the easiest formula

How do you draw 179 degree angle?

Using a protractor will help.

What is the relevance of the number 1.414 to a 45 degree angle?

The number 1.414... (square root of 2) is two times the cosine or sine of a 45 degree angle. The reason for this is that for a 45 degree angle, the two sides are cosine and sine, they are equal, and if you solve using the Pythagorean theorem with a hypotenuse of 1, the two sides are each (21/2)/2.

How do you make 55 degree angle with using compass and ruler?

First draw a 90 degree angle .Than draw a 20 degree angle from that 90 degree angle . Than the rest of the angle will be 90-20=70 .Now bisect the 70 degree angle we will get 70/2=35. Now add the rest of the angle means 35+20 =55 GOT 55 DEGREE ANGLE

How do you find a 30 degree angle without a protractor?

It is easy to draw an equilateral triangle without a protractor. That gives a 60 degree angle. It is then simply a matter of bisecting the 60 degree angle, using an unmarked rule and compass, to get a 30 degree angle.

How do you construct 32 degree angle using ruler and compass?

by using a ruler and a compass

Can a 65 degree angle be trisected using only a compass and straightedge?

An angle of 65° can not be trisected using a compass and straight edge.

How do you construct 127.5 degree?

A 127.5 degree angle can be constructed by using a protractor and a straight edge.

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