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it octuples (multiplies by 8)

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Q: How does doubling the measure of each dimension in a rectangular prism change the volume of the prism?
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What happens to the volume a rectangular prism if the width is tripled?

A [multiplicative] change in one dimension makes the same change in the volume. So the volume would be tripled.

How does the dimension of a prism change if the dimension of a prism is doubled?

You'd get a new answer.

Does doubling the decibels of a sound intensity level double the intensity?

No, doubling the decibels is wrong. Total Intensity = I1 + I2. Doubling of sound intensity corresponds to a level change of 3 dB.

How can you change a dimension value?

Flip the object a certain way so it is another dimension.

How the dimension of an object change as a result of a temperature change?


What is the dimension of acceleration?

the dimension of acceleration is LT-2 . acceleration is the change of velocity divided by time .

How do you calculate volume in cubic centimeters?

The calculation for volume is different for each three-dimensional form.For a rectangular solid, measure each dimension in centimeters and multiply That is length x width x height.For a cylinder, use pi = 3.1416 times the radius squared times height.For ovoid or irregular shapes, you can submerge the form in water and measure the change in the water volume.1 ml of water equals 1 cm3.

Doubling the amount of a nonvolatile solute in a solution?

A. doubles the elevation change of the boiling point

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How do you change area to volume?

By multiplying it by a given 3rd dimension

What is the shape of a line with an infinite slope in economics?

Slope is the change in y (vertical dimension) with the change in x (horizontal dimension). On a Cartesian coordinate system, the slope is equal to infinity for change in x = 0, or a vertical line.

How does the volume of a prism change if each dimension of the prisim is doubled?

it doubles

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