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about 36km

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Q: How far will a 50 cal bullet travel if shot at 45 degree angle?
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How do you write a sentence with the word angle?

He tried to angle his shot, but it fired way wide.That's a tight angle, are you sure you can park there?Look at the angle of the beams - the architecture here is so beautiful.

What is a Dutch angle?

A Dutch Angle is when a camera shot is take while the camera is held at an angle. Rather than vertical lines appearing in parallel to the edges of the picture, they appear at an angle.

Geometry of basketball?

Depending on the angle of the shot, how far away you are from the basket, and the amount of force you put on the ball all determine if you'll make the shot or come up empty.

Why there are two possiles angles for the same range of projectile?

When a projectile is shot at ground level the range formula is this... d = (v2/g) * sin 2*theta d=range v=velocity g=speed of gravity sin= sine function theta=angle that you make when the projectile is shot In your question you are asking about theta. The maximum distance you will get is when theta is 45 degrees. This is because of gravity. Gravity is pulling down on the object. When something is shot above 45 degrees gravity pull down on the object the same way as it pulls down on the corresponding angle below 45 degrees. When I say corresponding angle look below. Basically the answer to your question is because of gravity. Corresponding angles... 44 and 46 50 and 40 10 and 80 15 and 75 89 and 1 30 and 60 90 and 0 If you notice they all add up to 90 degrees. 90 degrees is the highest angle that can be shot. If it is greater than 90 degrees then the projectile will go behind you.

If you jump over the three point line when shooting the is it still a three?

Provided that you last touched the ground outside the three-point line, the shot should count as three points.

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How far will a 30 caliber rifle bullet travel if shot at a 45 degree angle?

Depends on the case and the size of the powder charge. There are many .30 caliber cartridges and the ranges will be different for each one.

Do you die if you get shot in the chin?

It depends on many factors including age, caliber of bullet, and angle.

If a bullet is shot on the moon and another shot on earth which would travel farthest?

if you really need this you are an idiot but it is the moon

How does the Corner Shot work?

The corner shot is nothing more than a pistol with a video link that allows the operator to angle the pistol around a corner whilst viewing the image of the potential shot without exposing him/her self from return fire. Other answer: OK, but how does the barrel work? Is it bent? Rounded off? Like what makes the bullet travel at such an angle?

How far can any bullet ricochet off the ground?

it all depends on the speed that the bullet is shot at. other contributing factors include the angle of the shot and the distance from the ground that the bullet is shot at. sadly, the x-factor of this question is that the ground determines how far it will ricochet. if the ground is water, it will not ricochet.

Why does a 45 degree angle shot go farther than 90 or 0 degree angle shots?

45 Degrees is exactly between 90 and 0 degrees so it is the maximim shot. If you shoot something 90 degrees it would go straight up. If you shoot somthing 0 degrees it hits the ground fastest because of gravity. But the 45 degree angle allows for the most lift and distance for an object to travel.

Would a 7mm bullet kill a person if shot through the mouth?

Possible. It depends on the angle of penetration.

How far can a 50 cal bullet travel being shot out of a gun?

Muzzle loader or centerfire?

How far can a 12gadje bullet travel?

Are you interested in knowing how far a 12 gauge slug will travel, or are you looking for the distance various loads of shot will travel?

If shot in the back how far can a 22caliber bullet travel?

I don't understand the question. Were you shot in the back with a .22 and wonder how far it could have gone?

How many yards can a small shot travel on a gun?

Assuming that you are referring to birdshot fired from a shotgun, there are several variable factors. The greatest factor will be the shot size- the larger the pellet, the further it will travel. #6 birdshot, when fired at about a 45 degree angle above the horizontal will travel ABOUT 300 yards. Please note that it is not harmful at that range, and that is NOT the effective range for hunting.

If you fired a gun in a vacuum would the bullet travel further than if you shot it on earth?

Yes, because there will be no air resistance.