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31 cm

31+34+25 = 90

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Q: How long is the third side if the Perimeter is 96 cm 2 sides are 34 cm and 25 cm?
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You are a triangle your perimeter is 96 centimeters Two sides are 34 centimeters and 25 centimeters long How long is your third side?

Perimeter = sum of three sides = 96 cm One side of 34cm, another of 25 cm so the third is 96 - 34 -25 = 37 cm

Perimeter of a triangle is 29.6m the length of 2 sides is 11.8 and 9.4 cm what is the length of third side?

The perimeter is the sum of the three sides.

What is the perimeter of a rhombus with sides 2.4 centimeters long?

Perimeter of rhombus = 4*side = 9.6 cm

How do you find the length of third side of a triangle given two sides and permeter of the triangle?

Subtract the two side lengths from the perimeter. The perimeter of a triangle is just the length of the 3 sides added together. Eg. Q: A triangle has a perimeter of 20 m. One side is 5m and another is 10m. How long is the 3rd side? A: Perimeter - side 1 - side 2 = side 3 Side 3 = 20 - 5 - 10 = 5 m

How do you find the perimeter of a triangle if 10m and 25m are the given sides?

The lengths of two sides are not enough to determine the perimeter of a triangle: Either the third side or else the angle between the two given sides is also needed. If two of the sides are 10m and 25m, then the third side can be anything between 15m and 35m, and the perimeter can be anything between 45m and 70m.

What is the perimeter of a square if one side is 25cm long?

25cm x 4 sides = 100 cm perimeter

How long perimeter Triangle 4cm side?

If it is an equilateral triangle with 3 equal sides of 4m then its perimeter is 12cm

Does perimeter have a relationship with area?

No because are is the in side and perimeter is the out side of all the sides..............

The perimeter of a triangle is 76 centimeters the second side is twice as long as the first and the third side is four centimeters shorter than the second how long are each sides?

Side # 1 - 40Side # 2 - 20Side # 3 - 16

How long is each side worth if the perimeter is 44?

lol how many sides? perimeter divided by sides equals length per side. 44/4 =11 then again 44/11=4.. how many sides?

If the perimeter of a regular pentagon is 30 how long is each side?

Since a pentagon has 5 sides, you divide the perimeter by 5.

What is the perimeter of a regular octagon with eight sides Cm long?

If each side is 1cm long then its perimeter is 8 times 1cm = 8 centimeters

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